Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Not Everything Goes As Planned . . .

So, I had all of these grand plans for last week on how I was not only going to get all of my everyday stuff done like work, housecleaning, attending a high school graduation party and even two dance recitals, but I was going to be productive on the crafty home-front as well. Anyway, for some reason or another all of my plans had to be tabled so that I could watch my two beautiful granddaughters (Katalina Jaydyn & Kiana Faith). I did however, get some crafting done too!

I made samples for 2 upcoming classes in late June & July and even a small graduation gift . . .

Graduation Gift: Notecard Gift Set

Sample #2: Notecard Gift Set

Sample #1: Stationery Box

I am hoping to be just as productive in my scrapbook room this week completing another class sample and finally getting some scrapbook pages done!

Happy Scrappin’

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