Friday, November 25, 2011

One of The December Classes I'm Teaching @ Memories Live On, Cupertino, CA

Christmas Envelopes & Tag Book (Featuring Melissa Frances "Deck The Halls" Christmas Line): Class on Saturday, December 3rd, 10:00 AM - 1:00 PM, $48.00

(Students will have a choice of broaches for the front cover - while supplies last)

If you like Melissa Frances products, old fashion Christmas themed patterned papers or just want to make a unique album to keep your memories of Christmas 2011 than this is the class for you! 

Join us to learn how to make this large (8.5" x 5.75") Envelope & Tag Album. We will be using mostly Melissa Frances products with the exception of your adhesive (wet & dry), your fluid chalk, Diamond Glaze and a few ribbons. Melissa Frances Products: Large Envelope n Tag Album, "Deck The Halls" patterned papers, die cuts, stickers, mini flashcards, lace ribbon, oblong prism, chipboard ornaments, large resin frame & a vintage brooch.

Class Maximum: 10 Students

Tools Needed: 12" personal trimmer w/ good blade, 12" ruler, Adhesive runner w/ plenty refills, wet adhesive such as Beacon 3 in 1 or Zip Dry, good Scissors, Pop Dots (dimensional foam dots) Brown Fine-Tip Marker, Cat's Eye Fluid Chalk - Dark Brown, Optional: Crop-A-Dile, Wire Cutters or Fingernail Cippers.

Please Note: Everyone will get a Brooch for the front of their album, however, there are only a few of each style (2 - Black Cameo Brooch, 3 - Fancy Fillagree Brooch, 3 - Round Romantic Pearl Brooch & 2 - Shamrock Kiss - Brooch) so when you call in to sign up for the class please let them know what brooch you would like. Of course, it is on a first call, first choice basis!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Alright All You Twilight Saga Fans "Breaking Dawn - Part 1" Is Only 16 Days Away!

It seems like only yesterday that my youngest daughter, who will be 22 in January 2012, was in her Junior year of high school and absolutely fascinated with someone named, Edward Cullen. I would hear, "Edward it so hot!", "I want to date Edward Cullen!", "I love Edward Cullen!" and such. After a few days of hearing these statements I finally asked her who this kid was. Was he new to her school? Did she meet him through a friend? Did they meet him at a game? She just rolled her eyes and said Edward Cullen was one of the main characters in a new book she was reading, called "Twilight." It seems that the book was all the rage for a lot of the girls in her high school.

It wasn't long before we were trekking to the library to see if the second book in the series, "New Moon" was available. I think she ended up being 17th on the waiting list for all of the public libraries in the county. That was when she decided that she was going to purchase the hardcover books with her own money! So, as each new book was about to come out she would log onto Amazon and pre-purchase and then wait for it to arrive.

Sometime after she had finished the 4th book "Breaking Dawn" in August of 2008 I decided to see for myself what all the hoopla was about. I began to read the series and found out that I too really enjoyed the story of Edward & Bella's dangerously trouble filled romance. My scrapbooking friends and I would talk about the books at Friday Night crops. They too had become hooked! Then came the Twilight movie and we all went to the midnight showing as a big group, adults and teens alike. Everyone was choosing sides; Team Edward or Team Jacob. I, of course, am Team Edward! My fantasy man is both brooding and sparkles!

So where does all this take us to today? Well, since then (2009) I have made a Chipboard Album in honor of each of the Twilight Sage books/movies. The first album was for myself and started out as a Marah Johnson class featuring her "That's Amore" line. In that class I decided to make it all about Twilight. I have a couple of pictures of the cover only because someone decided that they needed my album more than I did . . . yep they stole it from the scrapbook store it was display in!! I spent a lot of time choosing the movie stills to put in this album and when it was finished it was amazing!

The Twilight Chipboard Album (made May 2, 2009):

The New Moon Chipboard Album (class I taught at ScrapHappy, San Bruno, CA in November 2009):

The Eclipse Chipboard Album (class I taught at Memories Live On, Cupertino, CA in June 2010):

The Breaking Dawn - Part 1 Chipboard Album ( I will be teaching at Memories Live On, Cupertino, CA on November 5, 2011):

And yes, I bought my Breaking Dawn - Part 1 movie tickets at 12:10 A.M. on October 1, 2011!! Sixteen days and counting!!